I Need You : A Dustin Breeding Love Story Chapter 3

Okaaaaay . Chapter 3 : ) —- Shania’s POV As I woke up , my phone vibrated meaning I had a text message . Its from Seirra. " Baaaaabes . Wake Up . When You Come To School Meet On The Steps." I replied " Im woke and okay " I stretched then got up and got in the shower . After I got out i put on this outfit ( www.polyvore.com ) Now I gotta wake Jacob up . "Jacob wake up". He woked up and then yawned. "Ewww your breath stank . Hehe. "Yes i know. You look pretty Nia ." " Thanks now get dressed so I can drop you off at school". He did his hygiene thing. Now off to school we go. I dropped him off. When I got to school , I waited on the steps for Seirra and my cousins. All of a sudden I hear someone yell my name."Niaaaaaa". I turned around and seen Seirra."Babes.Omg I miss you"."I miss you too. Im glad you’re coming to my school now." " Yeeah me too.Wheres Quita and the rest of the girls" "Turn around". She said. I turned around and seen my bitches. " Heeey hoes". " Whats up". They replied. "Okay show me to the office".They took me to the office to get my schedule and locker. As soon I turned around B5 came walking down the hallway. " OHH EMM GEE . You guys look , there go you’re boyfriends". They laughed. The boys walked up to their girls ( except Dustin ) and hugged and kissed them. "Ohh you guys" Quita started, "This girl right here is our cousin Shania" " Wassup" They said. "Heeey you guys. You can call me Nia though". For some reason Dustin kept eyeing me down. Does he <b>…</b>

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